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2019 Independent Release

Sanctuary uses non human sounds out of a varied interest in the experience in of itself. It mixes the sounds of weather, animals, and elements to create a collage of the non human world. Mixing these type of sounds with minimal vocals and chanting, it plays with how we connect to what we listen to, and how it effects our inner world.


Feature album of the week on PBS FM's Sleeptalker program.

Used at Eye Am Hair's Silent Nights and Being Acupuncture as additional layer for therapeutic practices. 


Apart of it- EP

Unravel- Single

Silent Minds- LP


2017 Independent Release

A journey to take listeners through deep levels of intuitively created music. Mixing collected improvisations and experimental editing, the album is a process that weaves vocal soundscapes in kaleidoscopic ways. Primal, raw, it takes listeners into the unknown while exploring ephemeral listening states.

Feature album on experimental free jazz program Ear of the Behearer



Reduced Vision Sound

Experiments - LP

The seeping Sea Stream in the Sound seems- EP

Project List

Future Soundscapes

Multi Channel Sound Installation

Mona Foma

An envisioned soundscape of a world where non human environments have flourished and humanity has moved into an age of equilibrium with the earth. 

The work is made up of field recordings captured in areas that are under irreversible change due to the effects of the Anthropocene. The restoration of these environments seemed like a good starting point of a story that reflected a change in our current ways. The eco-systems and the animal and plant species within them are currently within reach to restore. This brought up questions like, are the outcomes of Anthropocene related to humanity's perspective to control, own and reconfigure the planet for its own needs? And what would our planet look like if humanity allow non human environments to flourish and to be?

This was the theme of the work, a soundscape, which eventuated into little to no sounds from humanity put into the composition. It's an perspective of  change. A sci-fi view where the future humans live within and co exist with the non human, where sentience between life forms is commonly understood and revered for whatever it's value may be.


Sound Installation - Performance

Gallery Performance Art Bar

An event exhibiting progressive and experimental works interpreting the 2019 Tasmanian bushfires. A limited performance setting where participants were taken into a building come gallery, and given impromptu performances featuring sound, movement, ritual, video, sculpture, installation and drinks. Featuring prominent fringe artists, delivery extraordinary experiences of life, death and rebirth.


For my own work within the event, i created a sound composition and live sound performance. The works utilized the sound of breathe as an instrument in of itself to explore the Ice Smoke theme. The composition was created with the exploration of ritual and trance evoking techniques. This composition was then used withn the event space as a guide to return into these states for live performances. 


On each night, performance artists with varying backgrounds of dance and sound were created new works. Over a 4 hour period, 20 to 40 minute improvised performance's would unfold and recreate the space. The static works of the gallery were highlighted be roving performers and the space could be explored freely. The works and space seemed to have a life of their own. A sensitivity that was entwined with the attentiveness of the audiences and the openness of the performers.

Sound Installation - Part I

Sound Installation - Part II



Sound composition - Art Installation

Mona Foma

An installation artwork come hair salon that experimented with the biophila experience on a multi dimension level. The work explored the effect of plants on physical, emotional and psychological levels. It provided participants different sensations that stimulated the experience of biophila, while getting their hair cut or styled.

In the documentation, you see that plant life was a major factor of the installation. On one level this greatly effected the visual sense, on the physical level, the 30-40 plants created changes to the oxygen and humidity levels, creating an inner and outer body experience. In this video you hear parts of the soundscape that was playing. This was setup to acoustically represent a realistic aural experience of hearing and explored a vast number of auditory environments of the non human world. Clothing and accessories were chosen to accentuate the experience, coordinating the colours and materials of what would be worn to represent a visual and tactile reminder of clothing's roots from plants.

To take the installation further, we incorporated actions during the hairdressing services that continued to build upon and explore the biophilla experience. This included silence between hairdresser and participant to allow for a deeper sensory experience, a copal smoking (an act of purification and connection that was developed my the Mayan’s), a tea offering, a misting of water and a totem of nature  to be held throughout the experience. On a another level, all the hair products that were used had a zero level of toxicity.

Submissive Salon I & II

Sound composition-Art installation

Independent gig

Arising in the middle of winter, this is another collab with the Eye Am Hair salon. Installation art and hairdressing coming together to create a unique sensory and emotion journey for participants. 


An independent event and drawing inspiration from Dark Mofo, the work is about letting go of control to the sensual. Your hair, body and senses are submitted to hairdressers and masseurs, and you choose a level of letting loose. Not a sexual tease or deep pain exploration, but a sensory and psychological dive into what a stranger can do with your body. Hands can be tied, mouth and eye's covered, there are varying degrees of touch, ice and feathers can be used, and a massage, haircut or style is given without a mirror. 


A soundtrack of unique moods and genre's are chosen for the space to heighten the mood and energy for all involved in the performance and service of the work. Industrial, high energy, sombre and dirty. Original compositions are created for the outside space where enchanted voyeurs enjoy the   teasing and testing of masked participants. 


In it's second year, the concept developed and ramped up. Whether it was conscious or not, the hairdressers and masseurs took their role as performance artists to another level. The experience of the participants were generally  ecstatic and the atmosphere around the salon was buzzing with an equal aliveness to the surrounding festival.

Silent Salon

Sound composition and concept design

Mona Foma Market

A collaboration with the hair salon, Eye Am Hair. They needed a soundscape and artistic input for a hair dressing service come sensory deprivation performance work which they put on for the Mona Foma festival.

I ended up making an 8 hour playlist which included new original compositions from myself and tracks from a varied genre selection. The idea behind the sound was to take the listeners (the clients and hairdressers) into a calming and psychologically deeper place while they delved into a heightened hairdressing sensory experience. With this, i  experimented with the ambient listening experience. Finding a right degree of changes in the playlist to allow for a diverse group of artists while maintaining a steady forward movement of mood in the salon. In my own recordings i created an expression of constant movement with minimal phrase development and no sequential melodic writing. I did this with a process of random selection, using recordings from a number of rehearsals I did for a show in 2017, sorting through and choosing parts that I thought were interesting and then editing the pieces together, matching and mixing until I was happy with the whole. All the parts were improvised phrases, so the only commonality of melodic, rhythmic or conceived connections are just style and technique.

Reduced Vision

Sound Experiments

live sound and performance installation work

Melbourne Fringe Festival

What do you get when you release a lion into a shipping container full of blind people? A live improvised performance experiment involving limited vision and kaleidoscopic vocal soundscapes. The work was a group of live improvised performance experiments involving reduced or limited vision and kaleidoscopic vocal soundscapes.

The idea was to explore performance boundaries by making an entire venue space a stage. Near darkness was chosen as a fundamental to explore and remove the visual divisions between audience and performer. Light in some degree was still relevant to the experiment, so we explored darkness to just visible to light traces, and found that we could distort and disturb the visual sense into a evaporating field of perception. Sound wise, the nights explored trance like states through vocal sound improvisation techniques and improvised movement relating to the sound. The lack of vision being key to becoming more comfortable within the performance to go deeper within the sound, movement and expression.

Myofascial Massage Mix



A composition that came up with a collaboration with a  myofascial massage therapist. An ambient mix of vocal loops, recorded natural environments and soft synths sounds. In conjunction with the therapy, the aural space was used as a tool to quieten the mind and hopefully invoke a psychologically deeper dimension for the massage to be potentially more effective.

Tahreeka Sound Project




A post rock ambient guitar recording project between me and Andrew Roberts. Sometimes gentle, sometimes apocalyptic. We had a lot fun exploring our musical roots and love for jamming. If we had more time, i'm sure this would have been an enduring project, but we both parted our home city to distant shores.

We ended up with an album of demo tracks and countless memories of getting lost in sound. 


Blank Track Burns

Exhonerated Theatre Show Trailer




Internet promo for the Sol III theatre production of The Exonerated. The show itself was a real life account of six wrongfully convicted prisoners, put on death row, then found to be innocent and freed. I wanted encapsulate the mood and the general theme i got from the script. It was a mix a heaviness and searching of enduring such an awful situation, and a lightness-freedom that they all eventually found. Some people say it has a mood of falling out of the sky without a parachute in slow motion. I like that.  

Concrete Soundscapes - Lebenserfarrung


Independent Exhibition


A concrete soundscape work for a Lebenserfarhung exhibition event (more info in the interdisciplinary artworks page) The theme of the event was inside out, which a group of artists and creatives interpreted in their own way, one in particular converting the gallery space into a forest and the outdoor space into a lounge room. I took a cue from this and created a composition that was made up of field recordings in serene natural environments and ambient guitar soundscapes. A worldly cacophony which represented the diverse soundscapes of the planet, drifting from forest to beach, wet to windy, rain forests insects to wild winter animal howls. An experience not so commonly heard in the indoor suburban setting.

Event I Sound Poetry

Live Performance, Interdisciplinary work

Independent Exhibition


My first live performance in an art space. It was poetry, live creation of soundscapes via a loop pedal and an accompanying video artwork. At that time, i was looking at sound as a medium to express through, how could sound communicate emotions or be a channel for expression? and could it speak just as loud as words or poetry? With the video element, i wanted to evoke more depth and feeling through the vastness of australian natural landscapes. The whole piece representing a new found connection, respect and feeling of lost time or a coming of age to my birth country.