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I make independent projects as an artist-composer and operate as a freelancer for the Creative, Screen and New Media industries.


Whether it be an event, project, an artwork or a live performance, I'm interested in helping people explore their creative visions. I use my skill set in whatever way is needed and work towards truly unique experiences. 

I work within a number of mediums and create in any combination of

- composition and sound design

- experimental vocal work

- promotional, documentation, or short film video works

- video art

- digital video editing

- live performance

- mixed medium installation and concept design


If you haven't already explored my portfolio, go to

the samples show reels cv page for some introductions to my work within sound and video.

Sound Composition & Design

Creative Moving Image

Installation Artwork

For my personal practice, I see and think beyond the standards because i believe that the scope for sound, video, and installation is a means to be constantly creative. When contracted into projects, i bring my skills, experience, and passion to create exceptional work. I can assist in the development of the creative vision or can play a part in executing the aims of a envisioned project.


My working history has ventured into many roles in varying scales of size and budget. In the last 5 years i've been involved with independent community events, music videos, festival performances, sound installations, independent albums, alternative concepts with hairdressing salons, and pop-up markets.

My services are charged ad hoc at half day and full day rates. Knowing that each project is unique, i provide consultations before negotiating costs and from this i draw up an expected time frame, project plan and quote. This allows me to work efficiently and reveals the time necessary for the work involved. 


I'm based Hobart, Tasmania and work Australia wide.


If you have any questions or would like a consultation, call or email.

- 0423 184 028 -

- ashleybartholomew@hotmail.com -